Jamb Biology Syllabus

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JAMB Physics Syllabus

RECOMMENDED TEXTS Ike E.E (2014) Essential Principles of Physics, Jos ENIC publishers Ike E.E (2014) Numerical Problems and Solutions in Physics, Jos ENIC publishers Nelson M. (1977) Fundamentals of Physics, Great Britain, Hart Davis Education Nelson M. and Parker …... Read more

Jamb Syllabus:Mathematics

RECOMMENDED TEXTS Adelodun A. A (2000) Distinction in Mathematics: Comprehensive Revision Text, (3rd Edition) Ado -Ekiti: FNPL. Anyebe, J. A. B (1998) Basic Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools and Remedial Students in Higher/ institutions, Lagos: Kenny Moore. Channon, J. B.... Read more

Jamb Syllabus: Use of English

RECOMMENDED TEXTS Attah, M. O. (2013) Practice in Spoken English for Intermediate and Advanced Learners, Maiduguri: University of Maiduguri Press Bamgbose, A. (2002) English Lexis and Structure for Senior Secondary Schools and colleges (Revised Edition), Ibadan: Heinemann Banjo, A. et... Read more

Jamb Syllabus:Chemistry

RECOMMENDED TEXTS New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools, Ababio, O. Y. (2009), (Fourth edition), Onitsha: Africana FIRST Publishers Limited. Senior Secondary Chemistry, Bajah, S.T.; Teibo, B. O., Onwu, G.; and Obikwere, A. Book 1 (1999), Books 2 and 3... Read more