NECO Physics Practical Specimen Questions and Answers 2022 (100% Verified) Theory & Obj Expo Answers

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NECO Physics Sensible Specimen Questions and Solutions 2022  is now launch for the Might/June 2022.  NECO Physics Sensible Specimen Concept and Goal Solutions (100percentlegit) Physics Sensible Specimen  Essay verified Free  (Expo) for Nationwide Examination Council. NECO Physics Sensible Specimen Questions So that you can have good NECO outcome in  Physics Sensible Specimen in addition to repeated questions totally free on this submit. Additionally, you will perceive how NECO Physics Sensible Specimen questions are set and easy methods to reply them. The Nationwide Examination Council is an examination physique in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificates Examination and the Common Certificates in Training in June/July and November/December respectively.

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NECO Physics Sensible Specimen Questions and Solutions 2022

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NECO Physics Sensible Specimen



  • -G – Clamp.
  • -2 Meter Guidelines.
  • -Optical Pin.
  • -Mass Hanger of 50g every.
  • -Beaker.
  • -Water.
  • -Plasticine.
  • -Retort Stand.


  • -Aircraft Mirror.
  • -4 Optical Pins.
  • -4 thumb pins.
  • -Plain Sheets.
  • -Drawing Board.
  • -Mirror Holder.


  • -Resistant Field.
  • -Zero-centre Galvanometer.
  • -2V Accumulator or 2 x 1.5V Dry Leclanche Cell.
  • -Plug Key.
  • -Metre Bridge.
  • -Jokey.
  • -2Ω Commonplace Resistor Coated and Labelled x.
  • -1Ω Resistor.



NECO Physics Sensible Specimen Solutions

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NECO Physics Sensible Specimen
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NECO Physics Practical answer




L = 10.00cm

[TABULATE]S/N: 1  2  3  4  5

β°: 70.00  60.00  50.00  40.00  50.00 || 60.00

α°: 20.00  30.00  40.00  50.00  60.00

Sinα=Q : 0.34  0.50  0.64  0.77  0.87

Z/cm: 1.70  2.50  3.20  3.80  4.30


Slope (S) = ΔZ/ΔQ
S = 2.95/0.6
S = 4.92cm

Ok = 2S
Ok = 2 x 4.92
Ok = 9.84cm

(i) I ensured the pins have been vertically upright
(ii) I averted parallax error in studying the protractor


(i) Picture distance is samw with the article distance
(ii) Magnification is all the time equal to 1

(i) Picture and object distance varies
(ii) Magnification varies

Variety of photos = (360/θ) – 1
= (360/40) – 1
= 8 photos












Weight in Air = 2.9N
Weight in water= 1.3N
Relative Density= ?
Relative Density = Weight in Air/ Change in weight of water
R.D = 2.9/(2.9 – 1.3)
= 2.9/1.6 = 1.8125
Relative Density = 1.813







Slope, S = ΔZ/ΔR-¹
S = (0.84 – 1.28)/(0.6 – 0.29)
S = -0.44/0.31
S = -1.419
Intercept, c = 1.68

Ok = c-¹ = (1.68)-¹
Ok = 0.595

(i) I averted parallex error when studying the potentiometer
(ii) I ensured tight connections

A doable purpose is flawed circuit connection
Answer: Verify connections and guarantee they’re all tight.

I – Voltage
II – Present.





The optimistic terminal of the cells and the battery used the circuit won’t be related potentiometer wire
Correction: In such case we’ll guarantee if all connections are tight and connecting wire aren’t damaged

Parallel —> Voltage stays the identical
For sequence —> Join stays the identical



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